Work of Fiction

This blog contains some posts from a fictional character in a trilogy I am writing. She is not real and she is not based off a real person. Thank you.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

YMCA group meeting, the case Aingeal couldn't resist

**Warning Slightly Mature Content**

Hello everyone my name is **** ******* and I survived a rape. Here's my story...

I was on my way home from an emergency walk with my puppy Binny and I went through the back door of the complex, off the parking lot. There was a man coming down the stairs as I came in. He was wearing blue jeans and a white shirt with a baseball cap blocking me from seeing his eyes. Just as we passed he grabbed me, throwing his hand over my mouth and threw me to the stairs. He held me down and threatened to hurt my puppy. What kind of person would hurt a puppy? At first I fought, but he had Binny's leash.. he had put his leash over the stair rail and he started pulling on the leash, lifting poor Binny's front paws off the ground and he started whimpering. My God I didn't know what to do, my poor baby, so I gave in. He raped me, right there on the back stairs to my apartment complex, then he walked away and left Binny and I there, both of us whimpering from his abuse.

It was a while before someone else came in and found me there, my face all bruised and my pants still around my ankles as I clutched at Binny, rocking in shock. They called the police and sat with me until they came. You know those security cameras that supposedly keep us safe? They were turned off, the b@$tard knew it too! They still haven't caught him, but the cameras are on now, and there's a security guard at the back door. I still don't feel safe.

Message from Aingeal:

This is what I hear when I go to these meetings, women being abused and used by men... no monsters... that remain free to hurt others. This is why I do what I do, to set things right. not everyone will agree with me, but I do not care, I don't do it for them, I do it for those poor women living in fear.

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Dear Deviant

I watch you.
I see what you do.
I know where you go.
I know when you deviate.
I see when you make a mistake,
And I will come for you.
I watch you.
And I wait.

~ Aingeal

Monday, April 23, 2012


Aingeal has been missing the past few days, she must have found her latest...  project. Without her here I do not really have much to say so I guess we wait for her to return.

On a side note, the rewrite/edit phase of her story is coming along.

Thursday, April 19, 2012

Metaphor by Aingeal

Butterflies start off a simple creature that just goes along doing it's everyday tasks. He eats, works and wraps himself in a warm tight cocoon. Within the walls of that cocoon he is safe. Finally, when he breaks free from this safety he learns to soar. Spreading his wings he takes flight and breaks free from that grounded life.

Have you learned to soar yet?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chapter 5 and message from Aingeal

Greetings from Pixie! Just finished edit/rewrite of chapter 5 and I can't believe some of things I left out! Added 836 words and some vital information.

Oh, and Aingeal wants to make a statement, it's all I got out of her today...  "Aren't dreams a *****?" (I had to edit it, but to give you a hint, that last word starts with a 'b'!)

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Chapter 4

Greetings followers from Pixie. I have just finished editing and rewriting chapter 4 of the novel bringing it up 847 more words! With each chapter I go through the story seems to grow a little, adding more details and interest.

I am hoping to complete a chapter a day, having it ready to go to an editor in a couple weeks tops. Aingeal is growing impatient with my progress and has already started dictating the second book to me, so I better get a move on.

*** Notice ***

Aingeal is a fictional character and anything posted to this blog is a work of fiction. Any similarities to real people is purely coincidence. Thank you.

Message from Aingeal

To all the men out there that have hurt women... beware for I may come for you one day, and if I do you will know pain too.

To all the women out there that have been abused, it was not your fault. You are not a victim. If you need my help, watch for this ad:

You may not meet me there, but I will learn your story and I might even seek justice for you if justice has not been served.

Monday, April 16, 2012

Aingeal's Artwork

So still not much from Aingeal this morning. She did however leave me a couple paintings to share with you. Before and after she said...



Sunday, April 15, 2012


So Aingeal was too busy to meet with me today for an interview. I think she is still angry with me after yesterday. Maybe tomorrow.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Conversation between Pixie and Aingeal

{Aingeal} So someone asked me what I would consider my life's story... Well I guess you could say it is a Thriller of sorts.

{Pixie} Psychological Thriller maybe?

{Aingeal} True, there are a lot of head games and such going on isn't there.

{Pixie} Head games? I thought you were more into physical torture?

{Aingeal} *giggles* Shhhh don't give away my secrets.

{Pixie} If you don't want me to talk about the book then why did you have me start this blog?

{Aingeal} Well all the important people have blogs now, so shouldn't I have one?

{Pixie} You're important?

{Aingeal} *glares*

{Pixie} What? It's not like anyone knows who you are.

{Aingeal} Yet... *walks away*

Friday, April 13, 2012


Greetings and welcome. My name is Aingeal Ó Cuinn. This blog is for me, it will walk you through my life as I transform into the Dark Angel. My friend Pixie shall put my story to page, as she does she may share things with you here. Know that what she shares is only what I allow, nothing more.

Have you ever been hurt so bad by someone you wish you were dead?
Or perhaps your pain was so deep you wished they were dead?
I have known pain like this and I will do something about it.
Hurt no more, fear no more, cry no more.
Revenge is sweet and it is mine.