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Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Rise of the Dark Angel - book description

Aingeal was just like any other young woman in NYC. She knew the dangers, was safe most of the time but occasionally she forgot how dangerous it was. One night on her way to work her world was turned upside down by an evil man and she would never forget again.
Survival alone was not an option for her. Revenge would be the only way to clear her soul of the darkness placed by that man, and if a few criminals are taught a lesson along the way all the better. Aingeal rises up out of the darkness to take on the devil that haunts her. The only thing keeping her from going over the edge is her boyfriend Dean but if he ever found out her secret he would not only break her heart, he would ruin her plans. So by day she is still the sweet woman she was before, but by night she is The Dark Angel.
An edgy psychological thriller, Rise of the Dark Angel is not for the faint of heart with some mild violence and references to sexual abuse and torture.

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