Work of Fiction

This blog contains some posts from a fictional character in a trilogy I am writing. She is not real and she is not based off a real person. Thank you.


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

back of a sketch in Aingeal’s book

Have you ever been hurt so bad by someone you wish you were dead?
Or perhaps your pain was so deep you wished they were dead?
I have known pain like this and I will do something about it.
Hurt no more, fear no more, cry no more.
Revenge is sweet and it is mine.

Rise of a Dark Angel is going to the editor

I've just finished the final rewrite of Rise of a Dark Angel and it is going to my editor this weekend. This is an exciting time for me for sure, and I even completed the registration process through Amazon's free services, so as soon as I get the changes back and fix-er up the book will be published.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Nearly Complete

I just finished editing chapter 14, only two more to go and I even lined up an editor so we are almost there. I have until Thursday to finish my side of the editing, before kids go on summer break.

Home stretch!

Friday, June 15, 2012

Only 3 Chapters Left in Rewrite!

I'm down to the last three chapters and I have set a deadline of Friday June 22, 2012. After that I will need to have it read by an editor and then it goes to to be published. I will be offering it in both Kindle ($1.99) and print-on-demand ($7.95) versions, so keep an eye out. I hate that the PoD version has to be priced so high but unfortunately they take a lot more out of you than with the eBook version.

The book is currently sitting at 66,710 words, not quite going to reach my goal of 75,000 but not too bad. That's about 219 pages according to my estimator. Not too shabby for a first timer.

Anyway, I cannot wait to get this book completed and out there so I can start working on book two.


Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Nearly done...

There are only four chapters left for me to edit and rewrite and then I need to find myself someone to do a final edit for me. It's almost time for Aingeal to spread her wings and take flight. I sure hope you are there with us when she does.