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Monday, September 17, 2012

For Nook Owners

So, I know people were interested in reading the series on the Nook, so after searching their site trying to figure out how to publish to the Nook, I finally emailed them. Here is what they told me:

Thank you for writing to us about the availability of a NOOK Book format for the book "Rise of the Dark Angel" by Carol Brearley.
We know that NOOK Book enthusiasts are eager to see more and more titles in digital form, and we're adding them on a daily basis -- so if you don't see a title you're interested in, please check back often.
We will instantly notify the publisher that you have requested such title in digital format.
Ultimately, it's the publisher's call whether to offer a title in digital format. Sometimes, publishers decide not to offer a digital version, even if (or especially if) a book is popular in print. For this reason, some very popular books and series are not yet available. But we are committed to bringing you the best selection of NOOK Books anywhere.

So, it looks like it is all down to the publisher to decide, which means it will not be until at least October 22, 2012 (when my KDP contract ends) before the publisher will even consider it. For now, all I can recommend is to go to the print version on Barnes and Noble's website and click on the link "Want to read this on your NOOK? Request as NOOK Book from the publisher."

Wish there were more I could do.

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