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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Book 2 is in the editors hands

Rewrite is now complete and my baby is in the hands of my editors. Book two was much easier to write, I think having made a connection with Aingeal really helped. I managed to get this one complete in seven months which is a miracle if you take into account it took me over two years to complete the first one.

In book two, “Dark Wings Spread” there is a lot more intimacy. I try to keep it mostly implied, but there is a reason for this. In book one; her relationship was all about comfort and security, but in book two it is about passion and breaking free. Her personal life and her emotional state of mind shift together, creating something a little darker. With the ability to be the dark angel all the time, instead of hiding it most of the day, she loses something good and gains something a little more dangerous. The same can be said about her intimate relationship.

I am aiming to release book two on March 7th as a birthday present to myself. Keep an eye out for it.

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