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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

My thoughts on 'The Crypt of Dracula' by Kane Gilmour

Okay, so this is a completely new thing for me.  No not reading or having thoughts on the books I read, but writing a real review of a book.  Normally I just write one or two lines about a book, but I have decided I should really start writing more so here we go...


If you are a fan of the old style Dracula stories you will definitely enjoy reading 'The Crypt of Dracula' by Kane Gilmour. Mr. Gilmour did an amazing job recreating the feel of Stoker while adding his own style, bringing back the traditional vampire story.

Travel to a magnificent castle perched dangerously on a cliff in Romania with a very dark and dangerous secret. Within the walls hide your worst nightmare, blood-thirsty and evil. Can anyone stop his terror before more die?

Finally, a vampire that makes you weak in the knees and afraid of the dark, there are definitely no EMO glittering vampires in this book! Be prepared to sleep with the lights on.

Also by Kane Gilmour is 'Resurrect: A Jason Quinn Thriller'.  Another great read if you are into action.


As always, if you read a book please leave a review.  It may not seem like that much to you, but we really appreciate it.  Happy reading!

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