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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Review by J. M. LeDuc of Book Two, Dark Wings Spread

Dark Wings Spread
Carol ‘Pixie’ Brearley

Dark Wings Spread” picks up right where “Rise of the Dark Angel” leaves off.  We watch as Aingeal rides a rollercoaster of emotion. From the highest of highs encompassing love, contentment, and peace to the lowest of lows entwined in a thorn bush of loneliness, despair, and depression. As sad as we are for our heroine, her negative emotions culminate in anger and it’s her anger that brings the Dark Angel back to life.
Like a phoenix rising from the dead, Aingeal takes justice into her own hands and becomes the jury, judge, and executioner. It’s feels good to have her back. In “Dark Wings Spread,” Aingeal takes on an accomplice who becomes a friend and a lover. We start to see her begin to reopen her heart and to once again find a glimmer of happiness.
Carol “Pixie” Brearley has done what few authors have accomplished. She has written a sequel that outshines her debut. She has written a dark thriller whose emotion leaves the pages of the book and enters our souls.  
Dark Wings Spread is a hypnotic, adrenaline filled ride that will leave you breathless. The ending will pierce your heart and leave you begging for the third installment of the Dark Angel Trilogy.

Reviewed by:
J. M. LeDuc, author of Cursed Days (Trilogy of the Chosen), book three in the Trilogy of The Chosen

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