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Thursday, June 13, 2013

My thoughts on Cornerstone by J. M. LeDuc

Cornerstone by J. M. LeDuc brings us back to that ragtag group that you cannot help but affectionately consider family.  Here we see the Phantom Force after the Trilogy of the Chosen and watch Brent struggle with some of the worst pain he has had to deal with yet and thus go through another painful but necessary transformation.

Just when Brent is ready to give up, he receives a message from the divine that gives him the push he needs to finish his mission.  Although there is a religious base to this book (as with the previous trilogy) it is not so overpowering as to overtake it and definitely worth reading.

Be prepared for tears with this heart wrenching story and an ending that leaves you wondering where this tale will go next.

If you have not read the Trilogy of the Chosen, you should start here:  Cursed Blessing (Trilogy of the Chosen)


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