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Friday, September 6, 2013

Kindle MatchBook

So I just enrolled in Kindle's very cool new program called Kindle MatchBook. Once the enrollment is complete, people that buy a print copy of my book through Amazon will have the option to purchase the Kindle version for only $.99 more..  Never fear, those that already purchased a copy will also get the option to buy the discounted Kindle version. Pretty neat!

What does this mean for you?  Well besides a discount, it means you can gift someone the print copy and have the e-version for yourself.  Now you have even more reasons to give books as gifts!

Another benefit is for those with kids that have a Kindle.  I know personally I will not allow my daughter to bring hers to school, too big of a risk of it being stolen.  If she's reading a book she wants to be able to read on the bus, this way she can have a copy for reading at home and one for leaving in her backpack.  Okay, yeah so this does not have anything to do with my book, but it does pertain to the MatchBook program. :)

Keep an eye out for it.

As always, if you read a book please leave a review.  It may not seem like that much to you, but we really appreciate it.  Happy reading!

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