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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Eronica Unbound by Scarlett Vaughn

So okay, yes I am actually doing this.  I am writing a review for an erotica book, but with good reason! Eronica Unbound [Kindle Edition] written by Scarlett Vaughn, and illustrated by Scott P. (Doc) Vaughn is actually worth a review. 

To start, I normally do not read this sort of thing.  Erotica generally is not up my alley but I admit when the whole 50 Shades thing was big I gave it a go and was under-impressed. So I went back to reading my normal fare of supernatural thrillers.  I'm open minded however, and a friend suggested I read Eronica Unbound with the selling point of pirates.  Ohhhhh pirates! So I checked it out, $2.99 for 190 pages is not a bad price, why not...

Well, first off the artwork is amazing!  Doc Vaughn's illustrations are as sexually enticing and artfully done as the writing itself.  (By the way, you can find him on Facebook or on his website and if you need illustrations, and not just the naughty kind, I highly recommend you check him out.)

Now let's get to the nitty gritty of the book, the writing.  After reading the 50 Shades books that sent my feminist side into an uproar, I was so happy to follow the exploits of the strong willed, self-sufficient lead Eron.  Her kick-ass side balanced beautifully by her natural femininity and sexuality. And of course there are them men.... mmmmm pirates.  Oh, and harems and a power hungry Sultan and a lunatic...  Oops, spoilers. ;)  Finally, what erotic tale isn't complete without a strap or a lash and someone being punished for being naughty.  

I promise you, even if you are not a fan of erotica, this one is worth your time and money!  And remember, leave a review.  It's more important to the author than you think. :)

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