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Thursday, April 9, 2015

For the Birds...

House Sparrow
The rainy season has come and the poor birds are not enjoying it one bit. While I am in here working on the first draft of Midnight Town they are out there getting wet, but at least they have the suet cakes and when I can get to the store I will get them more seed.

I love taking care of these little guys, they can be so entertaining. I have a large flock of house sparrows that make an absolute mess of the porch with their seeds, with the help of George the squirrel. I also have a downy woodpecker I named Woodrow, cardinals, blue jays, assorted other birds and the cutest pair of black-capped chickadees you will ever see. 

As you can see, this spring is going to be a crazy clean-up time. The winter was really harsh and caused a lot of damage as well as left quite the gross mess in my yard and garden. I'm thinking the first day the temperatures get above 60* F I will get the kids, lots of rubber gloves, the wheelbarrow and get out there, putting them to work.
Downy Woodpecker with a blurry House Sparrow

On the bright side, my bulbs are coming up and soon there will be color everywhere, hiding the dinginess of the thaw and bringing a smile to my face.

Spring is my favorite season, with everything coming back to life and color everywhere. If it were not for the rain, I would probably be working out there.

Happy spring everyone.

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