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Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Mother Nature has gone insane!

So on Friday this happened in our neighbors yard thanks to a major wind storm. Had the row of trees not been between us, that tree would have hit our house as well. As it is, we had a huge mess to clean up in our driveway.

Since the neighbor hired a Tree Removal person to come take care of it, we were able to hire them to take down the two trees that were heavily damaged by the incident for a discounted price. The equipment was already on site so we didn't have to pay the extra fee for that.

Then yesterday we were hit with 80*F weather. Yes, from 50*s to 80*. I decided to get a little cleaning done in my flower bed out front. I managed to get 1/4 of it done but it is looking so much better, now to get to the store and pick up some more decorative stones to put down in there.

I know it does not look like much, but most of the plants have not come up yet, right now it's just the tulips, irises and possibly the daffodils. In a couple of weeks this portion will be filled with a lush green carpet of ground cover plants as well.

On the writing side, I have finally finished the first draft of Midnight Town, just need to read through it and then I can get it off to the editor. So excited to get some feedback on this one, it is new and different for me.

Will see.

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