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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Writer's Block and Summer Vacation

So summer's vacation for my kids is slowly coming to an end, which means I might actually get some writing done. One thing I have found with the kids home is, even if its quiet it does not last long enough to get an entire thought down. Don't get me wrong, I love having my kids home but as a writer, it makes it very difficult to do my job. I've had people say, just take an hour or two and close yourself away. These people are usually ones without kids and to those people, I give you a slice of writing with kids.
Writing Day
House is quiet, kids are in their rooms playing on their computers or doing homework, perhaps even playing outside. I grab a mug of Green Tea with lime and a bag of Cool Ranch Doritos and sit down at the keyboard. The first few words spill from my fingers onto the computer screen.


Set writing aside to find out what the problem is. Go back downstairs to continue writing. Forgot what I was in the middle of putting down. Spend ten minutes trying to remember, finally do.

Repeat this routine three or four more times until I finally give up.
Non-writing Day
So there you go. I know, it's not much of an excuse, as I promised some more writing but I am still waiting to hear back from my editor on the stuff I sent so be patient and soon there will be more.

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