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Thursday, March 24, 2016

Spring Not Spring

We had several days of really nice weather, I started writing again, it was beautiful.

Then yesterday this white stuff started coming down from the sky, but the thermometer read 35.8*F. What is this sorcery? My bulbs are all coming up, my crocuses are in full bloom and this happens?

So it continues to lightly snow all night and because the temperature dropped we had a very light accumulation as you can see in the picture.

This morning it was cold and rainy/sleety out, which was miserable for standing outside waiting for the bus with the pup (who by the way was loving the weather) to see the boy off to school. After becoming cold, wet rats, we came inside and she pouted on her doggy bed because wet dogs are not allowed on the couch.

I tried to write, but the miserable weather just kills my muse so instead I cleaned the kitchen. Now I am sitting down with a fresh mug of tea and a banana and hoping for warmer weather.

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