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Monday, April 4, 2016

Writing Challenge or Writing Death Sentence?

So I have been doing really bad at keeping up with writing. Even now, when I should be writing, I am here on my blog instead.

A good friend of mine Dawn McCullough-White (Facebook and Amazon) suggested we have a writing competition to get back to writing as this winter has taken it's toll on more than just my muse. Each day we will post our word count.

Hmm, this may end really poorly for me as the day is already half over and I am only at 650 words. Oops?

Doesn't help that the cold front that just dumped some snow on us is wreaking havoc on my sinuses, or that the dog keeps trying to get to the birds in front of the house through the window, or perhaps it is the fact it snowed, on my flowers, in April. Or maybe I am just making excuses. Who knows. All I know is I really need to get back to writing.

Well, then... Here I go.

No, really... I am off.

Definitely this time...

Happy reading everyone.

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