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This blog contains some posts from a fictional character in a trilogy I am writing. She is not real and she is not based off a real person. Thank you.


Monday, July 4, 2016

Summer of Amery - Available now on Amazon

My latest short in the Bandages on the Soul Collection, Summer of Amery, is now available exclusively on Amazon Kindle.

After a brutal attack, Trinity retreated to her family's summer home on the beach where she encountered an interesting new friend, Amery.

Amery guides her through the healing process, but when she returns home, everything she believed to be true has been turned upside down and she is not sure what is real anymore.

Summer of Amery takes the harsh reality of an attack and brings it into the world where magic is real and healing comes with tea and cookies.

Buy it here:
Amazon US $0.99
Amazon CA $1.28
Amazon UK £0.99