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Thursday, October 11, 2018

Violence effects everyone

 Yesterday, there was a double shooting at the house across the street from me. One person was killed, another went to the hospital. When I came downstairs I found my yard taped off, firetrucks and police cars everywhere. It was frightening. Then, as the news trickled in, and I learned what happened, it broke my heart. A family lived there, their lives shattered but a mentally unstable man with a gun. She had tried to get away from him. Here is an article from the local newspaper about it.

This morning, when I went to take Princess out to go potty, I was greeted by quiet streets. Overnight the tree in the yard beside the house where the shooting occurred turned colors. It was just another fall day, but why don't I feel any better about it? Honestly, it feels like nature is trying to hide the dark, horrible thing that happened, but it's not working. I still remember the lights, the tape, and the concern for the family.
Now, I would like to point out, in the nearly seventeen years I have lived here, there have been small things. Mischievous kids, petty crimes, but never anything like this. Yes, we hear gunshots, we live in the inner city, that happens, but never so close. Not on our block.

I remember last Halloween, the kids from the house proudly displaying their jack-o-lanterns in their front lawn. Watching them dance around in their costumes.

I remember "showing off" our push mower to them after their mom said, "that's how we used to do it when we were young." Yes, the mom would occasionally yell at the kids, the kids would occasionally yell at the mom or each other, they were a family.

Now for a rant. So many people complain about the city police. Say they don't do anything for us, but I saw first hand that is not true. There was a police presence at the house from beginning all the way up to when we went to bed last night. The police that took down the shooter, they put themselves in danger to protect the people in the area. Heck, the ones here even made sure the family's kitten was taken care of. I even watched as they helped one of our elderly neighbors get to their house after returning to find the street taped off. He carried her walker down to her and gave her support as she walked the half block to her house. End of rant.

I'm going to leave this blog with one final thought, you never know what tomorrow will bring, so live each day like there is no tomorrow. And be kind to your neighbors.

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